It was OK in the seventies!

The ultimate poster girl of chilled out hippy chic Joni Mitchell, set the bar for Seventies style.
Kaftans and Tie Dye and bare feet at woodstock. Arguably the coolest decade ever, being laid back in style and attitude was the way to be.
Cher (pictures above) released 10 glorious to less glorious albums – attempting each and every seventies trend with all that she had. The time of the Osmonds, Bowie’s chameleon-esque face paint and leotard phase, and studio 54 was upon us. And one ever consistent aspect was, of course, the flare. Bell-bottomed flares were everywhere, plain or printed, you owned a pair. Like the LBD, it was a staple wardrobe piece and the pivotal item that the rest of your bold print clothes wrapped around.
For some, the idea of re-living the flare may come with the horrified thought of mad haircuts and enormous boots.
Fear not.
Ruby London has tailored and materialised our very own flare, and we named them, John and Patty. John adopts a wide leg while Patty has more of that classic seventies flare going on. Flare is super gorgeous and totally wearable, approach them with no fear and let us guide you. First off, clumpy trousers that drag on the floor is never a good look, team your flare with heels and a defined top, a basic, fitted shirt or strappy top will do. Natural hair and simple make-up also help balance out the package. Second, get yourself a bold pair of shoes and a bag to being the whole outfit together without being too overboard, unless that’s your thing, in which case, go for it!
This post got you in the mood for some Seventies lovin’?
Grab Patti and John at
And bear in mind, we do half sizes, there’s a perfect flare for everyone.
Love Ruby x


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