Audrey Hepburn - fashion, beauty & life Icon

It’s no secret that Audrey Hepburn was beautiful.

She set standards for women all around the globe when she introduced herself on a worldwide scale in Roman Holiday, we couldn’t get enough of her petite frame and classic elegance in everythinhg she did. She was, all by herself, timeless.

We at Ruby HQ love how she carried herself and wore jeans with such casual flair, but the most important and timeless thing about Audrey was her work for others.

We at Ruby believe that ethics is one of the most important factors that build the foundation of our company, adopting methods that allow our workers to work reasonable hours for a better wage. So we love that Audrey was not just  one of the world’s greatest on screen legends and beauty icons, but above all, a humanitarian.

We, as a company, strive to be as well rounded as possible in every single aspect, we are passionate about fashion, style, price and ethics. No area is left untouched, and each one is given as much love and respect as the other. Check out our previous post which tells our clients all about our ethical brand in a little more depth, link at the bottom of this post.

If you love Audrey’s look, achieve it with simple red cardigan, leather waist belt and PATTI Kick Flare or, if you want a lighter colour, try our JOHN Wide Leg Jean.


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